Where Does Spiderman PS4 Go From Here?

Spiderman from Insomniac games is proving to be one of the most popular games of 2018. Early sales numbers have proven that people still really love Spiderman as an IP. In fact, the game has been touted as the fastest exclusive title in the brand’s history. That’s really saying something, when you consider it’s competition, and the splash those games have made on the scene.

All of this translates to Insomniac’s iteration of Spiderman having a seemingly very bright future. So let’s take a look at a few of the story threads, and see where we think the game will go from here.


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Warning: Obvious story spoilers to follow


  • Norman Osborne: This seems as the most likely scenario for the next iteration in the series. It was teased all throughout the game that there may be more than meets the eye when it comes to head of Oscorp. While we never saw him make the turn to the Green Goblin, it’s obvious that Osborne is corrupt behind the scenes, and there were also small hints at Gobby with the reveal of the mask in his penthouse and his secret lab hidden behind closed doors.


  • Harry Osborne: The second scenario here was the reveal of Harry Osborne. You learn, towards the ending of the game, that Harry is sick, and has been hiding this from his friends. He was previously thought to have been overseas on a business trip. His sickness is revealed to be the same sickness that took Harry’s mother’s life. Even further on in the game(the very ending to be exact), it is revealed that Harry is being kept in a giant incubator tank(think Goku on Namek) filled with green fluid. The main mcguffin in the game, Devil’s Breath, is being used on Harry in an attempt to heal the sickness that he has. The green fluid initially makes you think that he would make the eventual turn to Green Goblin, but in his final scene of the game he seems to protrude a very symbiote like arm into the side of the tank. Is he Venom, or is this some sort of side effect from his change to Gobby?


  • Doctor Octopus, and the Sinister Six: At the end of the main story, Doc Ock is pretty down on his luck. He was defeated by Spiderman, his suit was damaged maybe beyond repair, and he was seemingly abandoned on a personal level by Peter. Even after his defeat and the chip altering his mind had been damaged, it appeared as though none of that mattered at that point in time. Otto Octavius, the man, was hell bent on seeking revenge against Norman Osborne. He also proved to have some skill when it comes to manipulating others into following his lead, so I doubt that we have seen the last of old Otto. Will he have the rest of the Sinister Six at his disposal again next time? I could definitely see some of the missing members such as Mysterio and Kraven make a cameo.


  • Silver Sable: She was a thorn in Spiderman’s side from the minute she arrived on the scene to the second she left it. She is a hired mercenary, pledging her allegiance to whomever writes the biggest check. Will we see her show up again, with a new puppet master behind her? I don’t know if she is a large enough character to support a main story, but I’m certain we’ll see her again down the line in some capacity.

  • Venom: You’d be hard pressed to find someone who didn’t notice that there was one suit missing from the many suits that were offered for Spidey: The Black Symbiote suit. The suit’s absence sends a strong message that there are bigger plans for the suit and that maybe Insomniac didn’t want to waste the suit as an extra piece of DLC. Insoniac Producer Bryan Intihar hinted on the Kinda funny Gamescast that the suit wasn’t added as they felt like the suit deserved a story around it.

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