Where Does Nintendo Switch Go From Here?

According to the Wall Street Journal, Nintendo is planning a revised version of Nintendo’s popular hybrid console for 2019. There weren’t many details provided, other than that it would “likely share many features with the current version and be compatible with existing Switch game software.”

Unfortunately, that doesn’t really give us much to go off of. The Nintendo Switch is undoubtedly a success, so we wanted to give our impressions on where we think Nintendo might go with the next iteration of their console.

A Larger Screen: That seems to be the forte’ of Nintendo with their handheld line. They start small/average, and increase the screen size into ‘XL’ versions of their consoles.

A Better Screen: One of the notes provided by the WSJ says that Nintendo is looking at the current batch of cell phone screens as a reference for what could become the new Switch. The current screen is fine, but it can of course be better. OLED seems like the way to go, and we would be just fine with that.

3DS/DS Compatibility: It seems as though, at the moment, that Nintendo is still making too much money off of their 3DS & DS handhelds to cease production on them. This seems like a good time to eliminate the production of those systems and transition the existing and future games over to their Switch line. A more focused approach going forward would be a good thing, in our opinion.

A handheld Only Model: To counter our previous point, Nintendo still finds great success in the handheld market, so it would not surprise us if Nintendo released a handheld only style Switch. We could see a model with fixed Joycons, and lacking dock compatibility at a discounted price.

Faster Guts: It’s no secret that the Switch is lacking in the “what’s under the hood” category, and that doesn’t seem to affect much for them at the moment. However, we can’t see a scenario where Nintendo wouldn’t at least be interested in giving their system a shot in the arm. This would attract even more developers, and increase sales overall.

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