Where Does Assassin’s Creed Go From Here?

Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey has released to rave reviews this week, and it looks as though Ubisoft has once again captured the magic that  makes Assassin’s Creed special. We are loving our time in Ancient Greece(look for our review later this week!), but we were wondering where Ubisoft might go next.

So here are our predictions/hopes for the future of the franchise.


The Civil War– This would be interesting for a few reasons. There’s no doubt that the American Civil War is one of the most influential wars in history. Brother vs Brother, friend vs friend. The ramifications of the outcome of the war could spell some interesting quests. An Assassin helping with things like the underground railroad and slave trade could render some tense action sequences.

Imperial China– Although it’s already been done in Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China, we would like for this be fleshed out in a full sized, main line game. Stories around the Great Wall, and the battles with Mongolian Armies would peak our interest.

Mesolithic Era– Two word: bone sword. Screw it, why hasn’t anyone suggested this yet? How awesome would it be to run around in a loin cloth, assassinating Mammoths and Sabre Toothed cats? Ok, maybe we need to do something about the loin cloth aspect, but we still think that there could be some interested tales to spin out of that time frame.

Medieval Times-Game of Thrones meets Assasssin’s Creed? Yes, please. This story tells itself, as there is certainly enough history here to tell a plethora of stories. We’d also be down for a game set in the dinner show place. (we know that’s what you were thinking)

The World Wars– The World Wars gave us some of the most interesting, albeit depressing, stories and tales in the history of the Earth. We’re not sure which perspective this should be told from(American or European), but this could certainly give some interesting scenarios. We also wouldn’t mind seeing Ubisoft take a stab at aerial combat, in addition to the land and sea, and this would give them a perfect reason to do so.

The Future– We can’t lie, a Blade Runner style Assassin’s Creed game might be our pick of the litter. Taking this aesthetic and setting it in a concrete jungle like Tokyo or Los Angeles would be just plain awesome. The added technology would allow for some really cool gadgets, and the city setting covered in neon lights sounds real real cool.

Feudal Japan– We think this is probably #1 on most people’s lists. Samurais, Ninjas, Shoguns and Warlords makes Feudal Japan the most sought after setting for Assassin’s Creed.


One thought on “Where Does Assassin’s Creed Go From Here?”

  1. Typo

    “…there could be some *interesting* tales…”

    The future might be too big of a jump for the franchise. They keep hanging out in older times rather than looking to the future. When it DOES go there, that will be the new major step for them. Hopefully it doesn’t fall as flat as when Call of Duty tried to go to the future.

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