Ubisoft to Release ‘Alexios,’ an Assassin’s Creed update for Alexa

Have you always wanted your Amazon Alexa to sound like Gerard Butler from 300? Well today might be your lucky day. Ubisoft has announced the ‘Spartan Skill’ voice changing skin for your current Alexa device.

The free update will change the voice of Alexa to that of Alexios, a character from the upcoming Ubisoft title ‘Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey.’ The new voice skin will act as an overlay to all of the current functions that Alexa already provides.

Ubisoft did add that there will be additional AC:Odyssey content once the game launches on October 2nd, with unique responses to 300 points of interest, in relation to the upcoming game.

If you’re extra lucky, you could be the winner of one of their limited edition skins for your physical device. You can win one of these skins by sharing the below Alexios video on Facebook.

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