Fighting Games Are In A Really Good Place in 2018

When all is said and done, 2018 might go down as the best year in Fighting Game history.

We are huge fighting game fans here at ANerdzLife, and we wanted to reflect on the state of the industry, and how it now has more variety than ever, and why we are really happy about that. We hope that by reading this, it might encourage you to get out there and support this great community.

The story so far: There are currently a multitude of different fighting games that are keeping the scene flourishing.

Street Fighter V: SFV has picked up a lot of steam since it’s stumbled release, and is now a must see event at any tournament that it’s included in. The game is adding new characters with every season, and is now, in our opinion, one of the top 3 Street Fighter Games of all time.

Tekken 7: Tekken is probably the most successful of the bunch when it comes to critical success. You would be hard pressed to find a review that has nothing but great things to say about the game. They continue to support the game, and their Global tournament the “Tekken World Tour” continues it’s success with multiple global stops on a monthly basis.

Dragon Ball FighterZ: Bandai Namco’s Anime based fighter has taken the FGC by storm, plain and simple. It stands as the fastest selling Dragon Ball game of all time, and is quickly moving up the totem pole when it comes to notoriety in tournament play. In fact, DBFZ topped Street Fighter V(typically the top dawg) when it came to registered players at EVO 2018.

Super Smash Bros: Both Wii U and Melee still find great success in the community. Melee was released in 2001, and continues to be one of the top 5 games at most tournaments, including EVO. Melee seems as though it might never die.

Injustice 2: The Injustice series happens to be a personal favorite of ours. NeatherRealm has really impressed us with their continued support of the game. The Legendary Edition boasts 49 characters, when you include character mirrors, and tells a really cool tale of an alternate DC universe.

Tournament Play: Both EVO and CEO have reported strong growth year over year when it comes to attendance at their respective events. We attended CEO this year in Daytona Beach, and it was one of the best video game experiences we’ve ever had.

In addition to this, The Capcom Pro Tour, Tekken World Tour and Injustice Pro Series are all reporting good numbers with major sponsorships coming in left and right.

Honorable Mentions: BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2, Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite.

What’s To Come: Still this year, we have 2 huge releases that will surely bolster the community.

Soul Calibur VI: It’s been quite a while since we’ve dabbled in this world, but we can’t wait to do so. Soul Calibur will always hold a special place in our hearts, with 2 probably being our favorite. What we’ve played so far has been stellar, and exactly what we want from the series.

Super Smash Bros: Ultimate: What can we say here? This is just as it sounds: the ultimate Smash game. Literally every character. Literally every stage. Everything you could ask for.

We hope this is enough for you to consider jumping into this community. Even if you’re not good at the games(we’re horrible), it’s still a great community to be a part of. It can be intimidating, but we’ve included this lingo guide to help you decipher some of the conversations you’ll overhear.

SRK Fighting Game Glossary

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